Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jake + Laura

She is a gorgeous, graceful mezzo-soprano with impeccable taste. He's a funny, young-at-heart tenor who also has amazing taste...in women. ;) Together, they are Laura + Jake, and they are beautiful. Jake and Laura met at IU, where they both got their masters degrees. Two South Carolinans whose paths crossed at just the right time, I feel priviledged to have gotten the opportunity to witness their love.

Guys, thanks for your loveliness, your willingness to be vulnerable and beautiful in front of my camera, and for giving me the opportunity to witness this beauty:

I love that look. We postponed this session twice due to weather...I'd say it was worth it. Hello yummy light!

Laura and Jake were introduced to one another at Oliver Winery, so we started the session off with a little wine date there. LOVE!


I'm so lucky. I love my job. :)

After a little wardrobe change, we took a little trip to IU's campus, to the area where Jake first told Laura that he loved her. I love it when couples choose places that are meaningful to them!

To watch more of Jake & Laura's love, click the slideshow below!