About Kelly

My name is Kelly, and I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my wonderful husband, Ayron. We've gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. We've moved states, finished our graduate degrees, switched careers, and started small businesses.

My main pursuit is photography - portraits. I love people, and I love documenting beauty. I am fascinated equally by the human face and the human soul, and I consider it a huge privilege to get to look into both regularly. 

In the process of all of this growth and change in my life, I have felt lost more than once. This hard time of moving my business from Indiana to Missouri and shifting from student-life to career- and married-life has been full of ups and downs. Every time I've felt something like this in my life, it is mostly because I'm feeling so trapped by what occupies most of my time that I'm neglecting to really enjoy all of the little things that make me really happy.

What makes me happy? I love to make things. Whether it is building furniture, painting a watercolor, making pizza, designing a website, planting a garden, sewing a gown, making earrings, or embroidering towels, I love to do it. I get excited by new projects. I love the idea of doing things myself, not just because it is often more economical, but because I don't like stuff just for the sake of stuff. I like things that are beautiful and that have stories. When you make it yourself, it always has a story.

This blog, which was originally just reserved for my photography, has turned into a space where I can document my journey as a photographer, a wife, and most of all, a maker. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm honored that you would share in this little slice of my life.

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