Wednesday, December 8, 2010

numb + lydia

I'm in my studio right now (voice studio, that is!), catching a breather in between lessons. It smells like Christmas in here, thanks to Laura's incredible candle. The sky outside is a gorgeous blue, and there is some renegade snow clinging to the trees so tightly it looks painted on. It is picturesque, but I am not looking forward to going outside. By the time I get to the car, my legs will be numb, because it is so cold. Numb is kind of a good word to describe my current state of being. I am feeling numb in many ways right now. I am so blessed in so many ways, but I am so overwhelmed by my to-do list that I am not sure where to start. My brain and my body want to shut down, because winter is a time of hibernation. I keep feeling the urge just to draw inside of myself and explore what is there. Next to my bed, there is a little ottoman that my grandfather built for my Mom. There is a stack of books precariously perched upon it, from the Panera cookbook to Tennyson's The Idylls of the King--from Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter to Michael Borg's The First Paul. I don't want to study for my final exams! I just want to curl up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and read. I want to feed my soul. Right now it is starving.

In the midst of all of this, I have had a huge mountain of editing to do, which I find exciting and daunting. I have this vision for my business, and lots of great ideas and goals, but I feel like right now they can't break free of the to-do list. One of them is my blogging. I wish I could make time to blog most days of the week! I want to talk not only about photography but about life. I just find exhaustion so stifling to my creativity - I sit down to write, and I can't shut my stressed out brain off long enough to make a sentence. Maybe it is like that with everyone, but I find it so frustrating.

For anyone out there who reads this, what do you to do de-stress? I need some strategies.

So  now, for something fun: Lydia. Lydia was so much fun to shoot. We have both been voice students at IU for the past few years - I think our first class together was French diction. With her gorgeous classic looks, blue eyes, and wonderful blond hair, her photoshoot was a breeze! Lydia, you are so sweet and so kind - I had so  much fun working with you and I feel so lucky that you picked me to take your new headshots. I think you look like you walked out of a Jane Austen novel...simply gorgeous!

 Hellllllllooooo BLUE eyes! :)

 I think your wonderful kindness really comes through in your photographs.
Lydia, you're awesome. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Cathy is one of my best friends from undergrad. She was one of my first friends who seemed not to mind hanging out with both my husband and myself and she has been a great friend to both of us over the years! She is amazingly witty, fun, beautiful, and talented. Cathy! I miss your stories, high-lows, and Tuesday night family dinners. I miss hanging out with someone who loves pumpkin flavored/scented things as much as I do! I miss your laugh and your smile. Life just isn't the same without you! I miss being Kelly Kruse-Compton. But now I guess I'm just Kelly Kruse-Compton-Hyatt!

Cathy is a grad student at UC Boulder in voice, and we managed to connect last summer in central Iowa to take her headshots.

Cathy, you're lovely and dreamy. :)
Can I have your eyes please? They are so pretty! And this is such a Cathy look!
If I were a single man, I'd want you to have my babies. (I'd be a creeper too, probably.)

This is fierce. I love you in red!

I hope Boulder is treating you well, Cathy! Love from Bloomington! :) Happy Monday!