Monday, December 6, 2010


Cathy is one of my best friends from undergrad. She was one of my first friends who seemed not to mind hanging out with both my husband and myself and she has been a great friend to both of us over the years! She is amazingly witty, fun, beautiful, and talented. Cathy! I miss your stories, high-lows, and Tuesday night family dinners. I miss hanging out with someone who loves pumpkin flavored/scented things as much as I do! I miss your laugh and your smile. Life just isn't the same without you! I miss being Kelly Kruse-Compton. But now I guess I'm just Kelly Kruse-Compton-Hyatt!

Cathy is a grad student at UC Boulder in voice, and we managed to connect last summer in central Iowa to take her headshots.

Cathy, you're lovely and dreamy. :)
Can I have your eyes please? They are so pretty! And this is such a Cathy look!
If I were a single man, I'd want you to have my babies. (I'd be a creeper too, probably.)

This is fierce. I love you in red!

I hope Boulder is treating you well, Cathy! Love from Bloomington! :) Happy Monday!

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