Monday, June 6, 2011

the love of the garden

Our little garden is starting to make progress. I wrote a post awhile back about joining a community garden program with a couple of friends of ours. For awhile there, our chances at having a nice garden seemed dismal, because we have had day after day of rain this spring (well, until recently, when we've finally had a rest from all of the thunderstorms). Because of that rain, we had a hard time getting the garden in. But we did a couple of weeks ago, and in just two weeks, my pea seedlings are reaching for the sky:

Our tomato transplants seem to be holding up pretty well:

And the radishes are really off and running. :)

I am slightly worried about pests, though. This is my first totally organic gardening experience. My beans are getting devoured already. I've noticed several other gardeners in the community are having the same problem with them, and I've been reading about ways to control pests organically. I'm going to try a few things. I think plan A is to try putting coffee grounds around the roots of the plants that are getting chomped. And I'll go from there!

Lately, I'm spending more time focusing on the little things in life that I am grateful for. One of them is the reward of faith. Planting a tiny seed in a sea of soil, and watching it sprout. It is an incredible metaphor that I am blessed to experience time and again.

Much love everyone, and Happy Monday!


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