Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Krista + Ryan

I realized this morning that I still haven't blogged Krista + Ryan, so here goes:

We had the most amazingly ridiculous amount of fun with Krista and Ryan. I already knew Krista - she was a fellow IU student and she's a wonderful mezzo-soprano. She's the kind of person who always has a smile on her face and whose amazing attitude is infectious.

She and her awesome fiance Ryan are getting married in Minnesota this coming fall, and though they had already hired a wedding photographer, they weren't going to get back to Minnesota in time for engagement shots. That's where I came in, and let me tell you, did I feel blessed to have the opportunity! They were ridiculously easy to photograph and their love was so beautiful and they weren't afraid to express it!
We started things off at the Griffy Lake Nature preserve.
How are you guys always SO CUTE?

If you guys ever start an indie duo, this can be your album cover.
Throughout the whole session, Ryan kept on goofing around and Krista's reactions were adorable. I love it when a couple is 100% themselves in front of my lens, and these guys were at 110%!
Ryan wanted to sit in the grass, and I love the result.

I'm pretty sure Ryan was goofing around during this shot too...keep it up Ryan. High fives to Ayron for capturing the moment perfectly.
This one is my favorite. Engagement sessions are the best!

Ryan had all of the good ideas that night...he wanted to get in the water in their clothes, and Krista didn't even bat an eyelash deciding to get into the water with Ryan. A million cool points for Krista! The resulting images are pretty cool, I think:

We met up a couple of days later to finish their session at the farmer's market. You guys WIN for engagement session locations!

Ryan was responsible for those sunglasses, too! Ryan, you also get a million cool points.

I love you guys! Thanks for giving us the priviledge of documenting your gorgeous, honest, amazing love. You guys were such a blast! We wish you the best at your wedding and in your new life together!

To watch more of Krista & Ryan's engagement session, click the slideshow below! :)

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