Thursday, January 19, 2012

jen + brian + addy

There's no time like the present for catching up, right? :)

Last September, Ayron and I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely little family in Indianapolis. We drove up on a Friday night and met them at a park near their home and then finished photographing at the Indianapolis Museum of Art! If you haven't been there and you're from the area, you need to check it out! Admission to the museum itself is free, but they also have acres and acres of lovely grounds.

Meet Jen + Brian. Aren't they cute?

And meet Addy. She was so much fun!

The way that two people who are in love look at each other is one of my favorite things to capture as a photographer.

There were so many cool structures at the museum!

The shoot started with poor Addy falling and getting a scrape on her knee, but she was a trooper and she went from being sad to being her adorable self in no time at all!

I melt when I see this photo.

I love love!


Jen, why are you so pretty?

Also, Addy and I were basically best friends by the end of this session! I miss her already... :)


Jen, Brian, and Addy: thank you for the opportunity to capture your beautiful little family. Ayron and I had a lot of fun and it was fabulous to meet you all! 
PS - Jen is an owner/designer of an awesome design company in Indy called Inhabit. Check it out! They have so many beautiful things!

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