Saturday, January 21, 2012


I remember meeting Joe early on when I started at IU, and he made an impression on me from the start. He is one of the kindest, warmest people with an infectious smile and laugh that always leaves me feeling happier. Plus he is an extremely talented bass-baritone. My second year at IU we had the pleasure of working together in L'Italiana in Algeri, where I he was my Mustafa and I was his overly dramatic, whiny wife, Elvira. It was so much fun! 

Now Joe is singing at Minnesota Opera and being famous! I miss you, Joe!

Why are you so fabulous?

I'm fairly certain you should just go and be a model when you need extra cash.

Seriously. So hot. Just saying.

I love your attitude...and your skinny tie.

Why is it that men in suits look so good leaning nonchalantly on brick walls?

For real, you are such a model, Joe.

Joe, I had such a blast going on epic photo adventures with you this past summer. I hope life is great in the twin cities! We miss you here in Bloomington! 

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