Saturday, September 22, 2012

planning and dreaming

Have you ever been apart from a loved one for so long that you've forgotten how they look? Not exactly what they look like, but how it feels to look at them? I remember feeling that way when my husband and I lived apart from each other for a year. After several months of only speaking on the phone, I forgot what it was like to look him in the eye. When we finally reunited, it was like everything was brand-new all over again. I kind of feel that way about myself right now. I have been running and running without pause and I haven't taken much time to be introspective and look at my progress to see how I'm doing. I get caught up in my to-do list and wrapped up and I'm so focused on the goal and the list that I forget to look inward and at the circle of what is right around me.

I don't think I'll be able to catch up and get every session posted here that I did in the past year and a half. That sort of bums me out - but I want to look toward the future now too. I will post some of my more recent work and I am excited to post my newest work here, too.

The biggest thing that is shaping our future at the moment is the fact that Ayron and I moved to Kansas City this past July. Many of you who are reading this already know that fact. We are still excited to be a part of this city. Ayron has taken a job teaching at the Music/Arts Institute in Independence. I've got a new studio in the West Bottoms, which I've been furiously working on over the past week and a half. I am reupholstering some furniture, repainting walls, sewing curtains and backdrops and pillows, and just trying to create a physical home for the experience I've worked toward creating in my business (I'll post pictures soon!). I'm so excited to take my business to the next level. I'm equally excited about my new website, which I launched in very late July:

You can check it out here if you're interested! I feel like it does a great job of representing me and my brand and how I feel about photography. I hope to make some other big additions to it in the coming year, but we'll see!! :)

I want to thank everyone who is reading this post, whether you're a friend, family,  or a client. My business and my dream would not be possible without your support. I'm going to start posting here much more regularly to document my journey into this new chapter of my life and pursuing my dream. I am so blessed to get to document people's lives, from showing the soul of the artist to capturing the glances between lovers who are pledging their lives to one another.

If my life were a river, it would be constantly overflowing. I am thankful. I am blessed.


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  1. So happy to read that things are taking off for you two! Best wishes!