Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SHOOT | Monnie, Scott, Rachel, Chris, and Meg

I get a session every once in awhile that is life-changing, and that's how I feel about getting to photograph Monnie and her family. You see, Monnie is a cancer survivor with an amazing story. Hers is a miracle that I rejoiced in getting a part of telling. The day before our session, Monnie found out her cancer is in remission - this after she has been given the news that her cancer is terminal, multiple times. 

A friend of mine from Indiana has been battling cancer for some time, and she is quite young (not even 30 yet). She was recently given the sad news that her cancer is terminal, and that she might have less than six months to live. I've been caught in that tension of prayer for healing and prayer for peace. Hope and hopelessness. I can only imagine how she feels, the mother of two young children, and wife to a wonderful man. It isn't fair. 

But to see here God's provision was a like a light of hope in the darkness. To see her wonderful family getting to laugh with her, to smile with her, to embrace her, was a blessing. It is important for me to remember that God's provision does not always include healing in this life. But how wonderful to rejoice in the miracle of healing!

Monnie, I was particularly touched by your strength and beauty. It radiates from you - what a privilege to capture it!

Monnie, Scott, Rachel, Chris, and Meg - thank you all from the bottom of my hearts for giving me the opportunity to document you at this joyful time in your lives!

Happy Tuesday, brave friends!

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