Saturday, August 30, 2014

project life 2014: winter spread

Just a warning, there will be several project life posts in short succession on here, mostly because I'm trying to get into a rhythm with this project and have to squeeze these posts in!

Because I started my project life in the middle of 2014, I've missed documenting over half of the year. I figured I had a couple of options. I thought I could go back and do monthly spreads, but I honestly thought I'd be stretching for quality material. I also could have just started where I wanted and left the rest out. I opted instead to do three seasonal spreads, since I'm starting my project life just in time for fall. 

So, here is winter 2014. I made this with a combination of instagram photos and personal photography that I took in the first few months of 2014. 

materials used
Seafoam core kit.
Pocket pages cards & stickers.
Avery labels..
Photos taken with an LG G2, Droid Bionic, iPhone, & Nikon D700.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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