Monday, September 1, 2014

project life 2014: summer spread

Just a warning, there will be several project life posts in short succession on here, mostly because I'm trying to get into a rhythm with this project and have to squeeze these posts in!

Because I started my project life in the middle of 2014, I've missed documenting over half of the year. I figured I had a couple of options. I thought I could go back and do monthly spreads, but I honestly thought I'd be stretching for quality material. I also could have just started where I wanted and left the rest out. I opted instead to do three seasonal spreads, since I'm starting my project life just in time for fall. 

Summer 2014 has been a blast for us. I've done so much cooking and gardening, I've tried making new things, and I've started to become a morning person, getting up before 6:00am to go on long walks. This spread really visually represents how this summer has felt to me. I'm so grateful.

materials used
Seafoam core kit.
Photos taken with an LG G2 & Nikon D700.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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