Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You know how you meet some people and they just charm you from the moment you start talking to them? That's how I felt about Sarah. She is easygoing, sweet, fun, and oh-so-lovely. Sarah is a fabulous soprano and a student at IU. Check out her wonderful website if you have a moment! :)

Sarah, working with you was a blast! I had such a hard time picking favorites from this session - the camera loves you! 

See what I mean? (PS - That color pink is one of my favorite colors! Just saying...)

Sarah, you are so elegant.

Bring me the sass!
Can I just say you made amazing outfit choices? No big deal, you just happen to have a caramel colored sweater that happens to match your eyes exactly. And who has eyes that amazingly gorgeous? Seriously?!
You are so cute! (And beautiful!)

 I hope you are having a fabulous fall, you gorgeous girl! :) Thanks for giving me the privilege of taking your photographs!

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